About us

Wybenga Confectiemachines has been a very familiar face in the garment, knitting and curtain industries for many years now. It's been our expertise for nearly 70 years already.

We are the total supplier of choice for professionals in the garment industry. In addition to our extensive range of new and used machines, we also supply top-quality sewing accessories.

Our products
Wybenga Confectiemachines has a very wide range of new and used machines. You are very welcome to visit our showroom to check out these machines and of course to try them out under the expert guidance of one of our staff. We supply the well-known strong brands Juki, Typical, Global, Yamato, Veit, S.M.R.E. Engineering and Conflex.
But we also supply top-quality sewing accessories. We supply all the accessories you need in your work, such as Amann yarns, Schmetz needles and Mundial scissors.

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Our services
Naturally we assist you in purchasing the right machine, but we'd also be delighted to help you optimise the layout of your workspace. With targeted training in how to use your new machine, you can be confident of a direct and productive start. Our machines are tested extensively before they leave the workshop and we provide warranties on both new and used machines. What's more, we also offer you a great service and maintenance deal. That's how Wybenga works, and has done for many years!

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Our people
People from Twente are well known for their friendliness, hospitality and down-to-earth nature. We are true Twente natives. Garments have been our expertise for nearly 70 years already! We enjoy what we do and never shy away from a challenge. We're practical and solution-oriented, but we’re pioneers too. We work in a small team and are really fanatical about what we do. In our company, everyone bears responsibility for his or her own work, complementing each other perfectly. We form a close-knit team of craftspeople.