Wybenga AHS

Multifunctional curtain machine that fully automatic supplies the synthetic curtain hook and sews in the synthetic curtain hook into the curtain pleat in one operation.

Functionalities / characteristics :

  • Automatic supply of the synthetic sew-in hook from the spender and automatic height adjustment of the hook head in steps of 5 mm
  • Pleat length: max. 150 mm
  • Pleat choice for 7 different width of curtain tape; 60 till 150 mm
  • 7 different bar tacks (type of stitching) possible
  • User friendly menu; display in own language
  • Provided with easy pleat calculation program
  • Pleat depth adjustment :15 till 125 mm
  • Distance between pleats by laser adjustment: 60 till 165 mm
  • Also suitable for sewing pleats without the synthetic curtain hook by de-activating the pleating unit (for using pin-on-hooks)

The Wybenga AHS is mounted on a JUKI AMS 210EN. See next for the technical.

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