Wybenga APS

Multifunctional curtain machine that inserts, pleats and sews automatically the synthetic Gordijnhaken into the curtain fabric in one operation. This machine is provided with a Curtain Pleating Unit to produce the single as well as the double curtain pleats. In one operation the curtain pleats are made (folded), provided of the synthetic curtain hook and fixed all together with a 'bar-tack stitch' or 'line-stitch'.

Functionalities / characteristics:

  • Automatic supply of the curtain hook from the spender and automatic height adjustment of the hook head in steps of 5 mm
  • Automatic module for pleating single or double curtain pleats
  • User friendly menu display (5,7'') in full color with touch panel in own language
  • Integrated and sophisticated program for calculating the number of pleats in the curtain and automatic stop for performing an end-correction on pleat set-up
  • Pleat length 60/80/100/120/150 mm
  • Pleat depth adjustment 15 till 125 mm
  • Adjustment of the distance between the pleats by laser positioning: 60 till 165 mm
  • Able to process normal yarn as well as monofilament yarn

The Wybenga APS is mounted on a JUKI AMS-210EN.

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